Life in Canada

Some doctor just idk he certified me not fit for work and they just kept me in a hospital for a while, and wouldn’t let me go.

The worst part was I was forced to take meds that I didn’t want/need, but they just didn’t listen to me

List of meds administered:

  • Risperidone, I could not breathe properly after I took this, I felt like I was in some kind of concentation camp. Luckily a kind night nurse gave me some Aleve and I was in bearable pain.

  • Seroquel, just lots of it, I felt like someone had applied bleach on my brain, it was kind of crazy.

  • Aripiprazole, I was given an injection of this, and they wanted me to come back for monthly injections of the same, but I have no idea why.

  • Olanzapine, again, this is too much, I’m not a criminal, I heard this is what is given to unruly prisioners.

I knew it was just a temp thing till I get my citizenship and then I would be back in the US.

It wasn’t racism, the doctor was ethnically Indian, so…

Yeah, so it was not really up to me anymore and my family just brought me back to India.